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Are you a service provider to residential sectional title complexes?

Are your customers concerned about rising energy costs?

Are you a solar panel installer?

We invite you to work with SolarAfrica and join our partner programme, which can benefit your company!


SolarAfrica would like to provide you an opportunity to become a certified partner and offer our clean energy service to residential sectional title complexes. We provide all the necessary training, tools and support required.

Technical support is provided through our online software programme that delivers a streamlined workflow process. This allows our partners to concentrate on what they are best at.

  • Simple to join
  • On going training and support
  • User-friendly software
  • Capitalise on the trusted SolarAfrica brand
  • Drive growth and profitability for your company


We invite you to work with SolarAfrica and earn an income by referring existing clients that may be interested in our clean energy solution that saves complexes and estates 5 – 25% on monthly energy costs.

professional team will provide a free savings assessment and take them through the simple process of signing up for a cheaper and cleaner energy alternative.

  • Simple to join
  • Earn an income from your existing client database
  • Be a part of the clean energy community


For commercial & industrial customers, we offer clean energy alternatives that accompany your outright purchase offer. Give your customers a competitive choice to existing energy options. 
  • Simple to join
  • User friendly software


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If you are interested in becoming a partner. Fill out the form below.


A: You need to be an established company in South Africa with staff. Our partners are passionate, energetic and innovative people. If that’s you then it’s a fit.

A: Through a sales commission on signing of each residential complex solar services contract agreement you bring onboard.

A: You will need to contact our sales department and start by completing an application form. You will then be notified when the next sales training sessions will happen. These consist of one introductory on-boarding day and two full-day compulsory training sessions.

A: You need 1) an established company 2) currently providing a service to residential sectional titles and/ or 3) provide a service within the solar industry. We provide full and on going training for our Certified Partners, giving you all the product and application related support needed to make a successful sale.

A: Nothing. You will, however, be required to attend the on-boarding and training sessions in order to become certified.

A: Certified Partners get lucrative sales commission, paid for each successful signed agreement with a sectional title body corporate.

A: Absolutely. One of our Clean Energy Specialists will be able to guide you through the process and help you and your teams get going.

A: Each organisation is required to sign a minimum number of residential sectional title contracts within a six-month sales cycle in order to remain accredited to SolarAfrica’s partner program. This number will be agreed with you in your Certified Partner Agreement.

A: UniFii is our custom-built cloud based software
tool. UniFii will provide you with all the tools you
need to accurately calculate savings for each of your prospective leads and manage proposals. The step-by- step process will also store your data for your team. We will assist in customising your access levels for your sales team depending on how you are structured.

A: Once you have completed the full on-boarding training and your organisation has signed our Certified
Partner Contract, UniFii login details are issued. Each organisation is able to manage its own individual users and the access rights granted to each.

A: No, we cover all these expenses. All you need to do is comply with our minimum sales and contractual requirements.

A: You will have a dedicated Clean Energy Specialist allocated to your organization. They will be able to help you with anything you need with regard to the sales process. Our marketing department will also be able to assist you with branding and marketing presence.

A: We currently only focus on residential sectional title complexes in South Africa. There are approximately 63,000 existing complexes in South Africa that we know of, and since our service offering has been specifically tailored to deploy to this mass-market, we would like to remain focused on these for the foreseeable future. We will notify you of any extended offerings to other markets as and when these become available.

A: Yes, but we do have strict guidelines that must be followed. We will supply the exact scope of branding, which provides several examples and templates for you to use.

A: On completion of your full on-boarding training, we will supply you with the following sales material:

• Sales partner handbook
• On-boarding training slides
• UniFii login details
• Corporate identity guide (branding elements MUST be complied with)
• Sales brochure in electronic format
• Template artwork of any relevant campaign materials

A: We provide all training and accreditation free of charge. The initial branding elements and templates will also be available for your organisation to use as you see fit and without charge. You will only be liable for any hard costs incurred (e.g. printing, additional design, merchandise procurement, etc.) These items are entirely optional.

A: Contact our sales department on 087 095 0553 and we’ll arrange an information session to discuss the programme further.

A: Our partner programme is designed for companies who regularly provide services to residential sectional title complexes. SolarAfrica will ensure a professional introduction by providing all the support necessary to select prospects that will benefit most from cleaner, cheaper energy.

A: As a referral partner, your company will earn lucrative commission, paid for each qualified lead that enters into a solar services agreement.

A: Absolutely. Our SolarAfrica team can assist with email campaigns, marketing materials and of course meet with any of your clients that would like to find out more about how SolarAfrica can save them money.